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Feel free to contact us at +371 23 077 444. Tell us about the cat you've seen on our website or social media. Afterward, we'll schedule a time for you to visit our cage-free shelter and meet your potential furry friend!

If the meeting goes well, and you've fallen for the cat, Remi's staff will talk with you. They want to understand the cat's importance to you and its role in your future family. If the conversation goes smoothly, we typically set an adoption date within 1-2 days.

During the adoption process, you'll need to sign a responsible pet ownership agreement. This agreement covers safety, meshed windows, proper nutrition, and, of course, lots of love!

There's also a €30 adoption fee to cover the costs of vaccination and sterilization for the cat.

Before your new companion arrives home, please prepare food and a litter box for them.

Don't forget to install window screens before the cat arrives home to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

On the adoption day, you'll need a carrier to transport the cat.

After the adoption, we would greatly appreciate receiving photos of your furry friend in their new home! We are always here to support you, answer questions about your cat's health, or share the joy of their beautiful moments in their new family. We'll continue to be your friends!

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